Brewing Better Beer March 11, 2015 16:20

Have you taken time to repeatedly brew several beers within the same style? It could be the single most important characteristic of a solid brewer. I know of no better way to become a better brewer than to forget (at least for a little while) the craziest flavor combination you can possibly make and choose one single style to brew for just a couple of months.  Make as many examples of that style as you can - and include your own twist on a couple.  Doing so allows you to maximize learning while gaining appreciation of the seemingly infinite range of characteristics within a particular style. 


"Anyone looking to master the craft of brewing should first work to get the fundamentals right. Before you can begin improvising and truly being creative and inventive, you should take the time to understand the proper way of doing things. This involves understanding essential brewing techniques, knowing how you equipment works, and being able to make intelligent decisions about ingredient selection. Once you understand these essential elements, you can start making smart choices to achieve your desired results" - Gordon Strong

Gordon Strong discusses this and other methods of mastering brewing in the book, Brewing Better Beer.  I've been reading it for a few days now - you shold be too!  We have plenty of copies in stock. Come pick one up (or order online) for your brewing library.