Pure Fruit Wine Bases



Vintner’s Harvest Pure Fruit Wine Bases use only premium quality pure fruit, packed in it’s own juice, with no artificial preservatives. Prepared especially for wine makers, Vinter's Harvest offers the home wine maker year-round supply of premium quality fruit. 

Vintner’s Harvest range of products are the finest on the market for crafting your own fruit wines. With easy to follow instructions and recipes for varied volumes, you will soon discover the joys of making high quality fruit wines in the comfort of your home. If you currently make beer, you will find much of the equipment is interchangeable and making wine is just as simple as making beer.

Ask us for tips, books and supplies to add further enjoyment to the exciting hobby of home wine making.

VH products are solid packed fruit in their natural juices. Packed in 96 oz tins. Each tin is supplied with a 3 and 5 gallon yield recipe. Additives and yeast are NOT included.

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