Cool Mountain Strawberry

$ 2.25

The idea was first conceived for Cool Mountain classic flavored sodas by reflecting upon childhood memories for inspiration. It was a time when every market had its local sodas, when pop shops developed uniquely distinctive flavors and colors as brilliant as rainbows were stacked in clear glass bottles across shining silver counters. These sodas have passed into history and along with them the richness of their tastes and the incredible quality and care of their handcrafted formulation.

As Cool Mountain explored the idea of rediscovering these classic sodas, They learned that the formulas of those amazing tastes still existed among flavor providers. They had simply been abandoned and ignored in the rush to corporate streamlining of mass produced flavors.

Thus, the Cool Mountain quest began.

Like beverage archaeologists, We sought out the best of the classic flavors and secured them for Cool Mountain. From a wide range of flavor sources, Cool Mountain determined what it felt to be the superior Flavor formulations for what would be and still is one of the widest range of gourmet sodas on the market.

Having secured these classic flavors as a foundation, Cool Mountain launched in 1997, anticipating the increasing demand among consumers for a variety of products to meet their specific tastes.

“We were looking to build a brand that was both traditional and forward looking, that would appeal to Baby Boomers and GenXers alike,”.

“This meant that Cool Mountain wasn’t to be a novelty brand, but rather a brand that appealed to those qualities that are timeless: honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, reverence for the Earth and the environment, respect for the consumer and his and her concerns.”

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