Sioux City Sarsaparilla

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Sioux City brand was introduced in the 1970′s by the White Rock Beverage company.  Here is a little history from their website:

The story of White Rock dates back to 1871 when a pharmacist named H.M. Colver purchased the White Rock natural spring and its surrounding 60 acres in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Local Potawatomi Indians and settlers believed that the spring’s sparkling mineral water, which filtered through 1,400 feet of white magnesian rocks, held some medicinal power or value.

Capitalizing on the legend, Colver landscaped the grounds, built a pavilion and promoted the spring as a destination for vacationers and health seekers. A steamboat carried passengers to the grounds complete with spring house and later a health hotel. Within 5 years, Colver was bottling the spring’s water for distribution throughout the country and Waukesha had gained the acclaim as “Saratoga of the West.”

By the 1890’s, White Rock had become America’s largest selling sparkling table water and mixer. This was due in part to the transition from a medicinal beverage to a sophisticated beverage with a quality that allowed it to be served alone or with alcohol.

The company was looking for a trademark and came upon it at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. A painting titled “Psyche at Nature’s Mirror” by German artist Paul Thumann depicted a young woman, Psyche, kneeling on an alabaster rock and seeing her reflection in a pure, clear pool of water-appropriately symbolic of the natural water bottled at the Waukesha spring. Psyche has now represented the White Rock Company for over 110 years.

By the early 1900’s, White Rock’s reputation had spread quickly due in part to their domination of rail travel. Sales were starting to take off in Europe and other parts of the world and White Rock was featured at the coronation of England’s King Edward VII.

By the 1920’s, White Rock was part of historic events, most notably White Rock water was used at he christening of Gloria Vanderbilt (in the absence of church water). Charles Lindbergh also launched his historic flight from New York to Paris by breaking a bottle of White Rock Sparkling Water over his Spirit of Saint Louis plane.

White Rock became an innovative marketer and promoted Psyche so extensively that she was listed as one of the top ten trademarks in the United States. White Rock was served at the best restaurants and New York’s Times Square featured a clock with the slogan “White Rock-The Water For All Time.”

In 1924, White Rock went public and was acquired in 1944 by National Distillers, an international beverage marketer. By the time of the acquisition White Rock was the nation’s leading brand of sparkling water and ginger ale. National Distillers expanded sales through the acquisition of regional beverage companies including Morgan Beverages, a New York based producer of flavored soft drinks.

In 1952, Alfred Morgan then president of White Rock and grandson of the founder of Morgan Beverages purchased White Rock.

Today, the fourth and fifth generations of the Morgan family still own and operate this ever changing and evolving stalwart of the beverage industry.

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